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Local Counsel For Foreign Companies

As businesses become increasingly global, it is important to consult with legal advisers who understand the interplay of various countries' laws, regulations and cultures, the impact these differences have on the business landscape.

O'Connell & O'Connell was founded in 1897 by Joseph F. O'Connell, Sr. Members of our family have maintained our practice ever since. Over the years, our firm has gained the respect of individuals and businesses in Boston, throughout Massachusetts and around the world. Clients turn to our firm for our legal knowledge, our business acumen and our personalized service.

The Benefits Of Local Counsel

When foreign businesses choose to enter the U.S. market or want to engage in business transactions based in the U.S., they often turn to our firm for guidance. Consulting with an experienced, U.S.-based lawyer is the best way to ensure U.S.-based business activities comply with local laws, to avoid potential liability and to ensure deals are completed in the most efficient manner possible.

At O'Connell & O'Connell, we advise foreign companies on a wide range of business activities, including advising foreign companies on entity selection and structure for U.S. operations, and acting as local co-counsel to foreign companies engaged in business transactions with U.S.-based individuals or companies.

Uniquely Positioned To Serve International Businesses

In addition to being an attorney, Joseph O'Connell has a deep understanding of business. He holds an advanced degree in business administration and spent years working with Fortune 500 companies. He also has extensive experience working with businesses and solicitors overseas, including Lloyds and other London-market underwriters, as well as businesses throughout Western Europe, West Africa and Central Asia including China.

We understand the unique business, legal and cultural differences present in various countries, and how these differences impact international transactions. The combination of these legal and business disciplines, plus our experience working overseas sets us apart.

To schedule a free consultation, call 617-982-0442, +44-(0)-207-193-6381 or contact us online.

O'Connell & O'Connell serves individuals and businesses in Boston, Suffolk County and throughout Massachusetts. We also act as U.S.-based co-counsel to barristers and solicitors worldwide.